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The Tenth Frontier - Volume 11

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It was called the "friendly invasion." Newfoundland marked the gateway to North America, and in the early 1940s, as the threat of World War II loomed larger, some of the largest military bases outside of the US were established there. The Americans created a replica of their world, with dance halls, theatres and bowling alleys, in the midst of small outports where the way of life still echoed traditions established in the 1600s. With just about every local woman looking for a new life, what chance did a fisherman, a labourer or even a local businessman have next to the rich and romantic Americans? From the beginning of the Second World War until the recent end of the Cold War, when the last base closed, as many as 40,000 Newfoundland women married Americans. Seven Brides for Uncle Sam tells the stories of seven Newfoundland women who married American servicemen. Here, the events of world history are but a backdrop to their personal stories of romance, heartbreak and joy.

The Tenth Frontier is a 12-part series highlighting 50 years of NFB films from and about Newfoundland and Labrador. From touching personal stories, to portraits of public figures, to windows on ways of life now past, The Tenth Frontier is a treasure of historical films and fresh perspectives.

2000, 49 min

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