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The Tenth Frontier - Volume 1

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Atlantic Crossroads (1945): An overview of life in Newfoundland, just a few years before its entry into Confederation. Told in the dramatic documentary style of the day, Atlantic Crossroads highlights Newfoundland's profound contribution to the war effort, the importance of the cod fishery and the difficult days of the Depression. (10 min., black and white)

Highlights from Royal Journey (1953): Just before her coronation, the soon-to-be-Queen Elizabeth embarks on a tour of Canada, accompanied by the Duke of Edinburgh. We follow them from coast to coast and join the Newfoundlanders who give them a heroic send-off from St. John's Harbour. (22 min.)

High Tide in Newfoundland (1955): An optimistic look at growing industrialization and changes to the fishery: more men going into the mines and the woods instead of the fishery; draggers and long-liners replacing the inshore fishery; and the growing prosperity that allows families to move away from outports and into larger communities. (21 min.)

The Tenth Frontier is a 12-part series highlighting 50 years of NFB films from and about Newfoundland and Labrador. From touching personal stories, to portraits of public figures, to windows on ways of life now past, The Tenth Frontier is a treasure of historical films and fresh perspectives.

2000, 47 min 21 s

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