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Pour la suite du monde (English Version)

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Legendary cinéma vérité filmmakers Pierre Perrault and Michel Brault were attracted to Île-aux-Coudres for two reasons: the language of the people who lived on this small island in the St. Lawrence and the whales. For centuries the fishermen of Île-aux-Coudres had caught belugas. The souls of the dead were invoked for a successful catch, and a unique technique was used: the men sank a trap of saplings into offshore mud at low tide to capture the white whale, a tradition that was abandoned in 1920. This feature-length film made in 1962 is the unrehearsed story of what happened when old-timers of the island were persuaded to revive the practice. And through the magic of words and the mystery of the catch, the film uncovers a spirituality rooted in the moon and the rhythm of the tides. Of Whales, the Moon and Men is more than documentary; it is a fresco of the myths and legends among the traditional fishing communities of Quebec.

This film was made by Pierre Perrault, Michel Brault and Marcel Carrière.

2000, 105 min 29 s

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International Festival of Cinema
October 31 1985 to November 10 2085, Troia, Portugal

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Special Mention
International Festival of Ethnographical and Anthropological Films
October 10 to 15 1994, Nuoro - Italy

8th Place - Category: Canada's Ten Best
International Film Festival
September 6 to 15 1984, Toronto - Canada

First Prize - Chris Statuette Award
International Film and Video Festival
October 7 to 9 1966, Columbus - USA

Diploma of Merit
International Film Festival
June 13 to 18 1966, Melbourne - Australia

Special Award
Genie Awards
May 8 1964, Toronto - Canada

Film of the Year
Genie Awards
May 8 1964, Toronto - Canada

First Prize - Migueldi di Oro
Ibero-American-Filipino Documentary Film Contest
October 4 to 9 1963, Bilbao - Spain

Grand Prize - Golden Viking
International Film Week
June 5 to 9 1963, Evreux - France