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Tommy... A Family Portrait

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"Medicate him," the doctors said. "The child is hyperactive." But Tommy Sexton was destined to hyperact--thus a star was born. Tommy...A Family Portrait is a warm and funny tribute from his sister, filmmaker Mary Sexton.

Showcasing high-octane comedy from Codco, the film charts Sexton's phenomenal career-- alongside Mary Walsh and Cathy Jones, both stars of This Hour Has 22 Minutes, as well as Andy Jones and Greg Malone. But first and foremost, Tommy was a member of the irrepressible Sexton clan--raised in a lively household in the old port town of St. John's, Newfoundland.

Sexton's legendary performances are framed by family interviews, and standing out from the colourful crowd is his mother, Sara. "I was looking for miracles and I didn't get them," she says, remembering Tommy's final battle with AIDS in 1993. "But you know, the miracle was his life."

A loving son, a wildly talented artist and a party animal, Sexton brought a giddy joy to everyone who ever saw him perform. With Tommy...A Family Portrait, he keeps on giving.

2001, 70 min 30 s

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Gemini Award for Best History/Biography Documentary program
Gemini Awards
November 4 2002, Toronto - Canada