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For Man Must Work or The End of Work

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The 20th century has seen the creation of colossal wealth and exploding economies. But the days of industry providing mass employment are over. In the global economy, human resources are being replaced more and more by technology. We are moving from a mass labour force to an elite corps concentrated in the knowledge sector. Will this change result in a sort of economic apartheid in which a third of humanity is made redundant? Will this revolution mean the end of work as we know it?

For Man Must Work raises crucial questions and suggests rethinking the future. Focusing on situations in Canada, France and Mexico, the film shows how living and working conditions are deteriorating for many people. Besides personal stories, we also hear from experts such as Vivianne Forrester, author of The Economic Horror; Jeremy Rifkin, American economist and author of The End of Work; sociologist Ricardo Petrella; Ignacio Ramonet, editor-in-chief of Le Monde diplomatique; and Jacques Attali, author of Dictionary of the 21st Century and former president of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development. They have no illusions--they think the 21st century is getting off to a very bad start. Some subtitles.

2000, 52 min 01 s