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Redskins, Tricksters and Puppy Stew

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Take complex issues like Native identity, politics and racism, then wrap them up with one-liners, guffaws and comedic performances. The result: Redskins, Tricksters and Puppy Stew, director Drew Hayden Taylor's laugh-a-minute road trip through the world of Native humour. Featuring: Don Kelly: One of Canada's hottest young stand-up comics, he uses comedy to skewer stereotypes of the 'apathetic Indian.' Tom King: Novelist, creator and host of CBC-Radio's Dead Dog Café fills the airwaves with satirical takes on Native issues, personalities and customs. Don Burnstick: A comedian whose edgy humour comes from years of street life. He transforms his act into a journey through the Native pysche while keeping the audience rolling in the aisles. Herbie Barnes: Actor and co-founder of a sketch comedy troupe, he believes Native humour 'is an exploration of the dark side.' Sharon Shorty and Jackie Bear: A Whitehorse duo who portray Sarah and Susie - two elderly Native ladies who discuss their daily activities, love of bingo and Kentucky Fried Chicken. This film hilariously overturns the conventional notion of the 'stoic Indian' and shines a light on an overlooked element of Native culture - humour and its healing powers.

2000, 54 min 30 s

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