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Clone Inc.

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After the initial shock of Dolly the sheep, the cloning of embryos and animals is regarded more and more as everyday science. The Pandora's box of reproductive technologies is open, and the creation of the first human clone may be on the way. Clone Inc. takes a critical look at current advocates of human cloning, such as Clone Rights United Front and the Raelians, a religious cult whose leader wishes to duplicate his genes. Fascinated by fantasies of immortality and narcissistic self-reproduction, these groups seem to ignore the consequences of "genetically improved beings": a severe breakdown in the relationships between the sexes and the generations, confusion over parent-child bonds and the blurring of individual identities. The very notion of time would falter. Biologists, geneticists, a psychoanalyst, a philosopher and other experts plunge us headlong into this moral dilemma and raise questions for a crucial debate. Are we, as American economist Jeremy Rifkin suggests, letting eugenics in by the back door?

2000, 51 min 36 s