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Nuclear Dynamite

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A new Panama Canal, carved through the continent by hundreds of nuclear blasts. A harbour in Alaska, excavated instantly by five atomic explosions. A massive mission to Mars, in a rocket propelled by 1,000 nuclear bombs. Scenes from a sci-fi novel? Hardly. These and other fantastic plans were dreamed up by American and Soviet scientists. Between 1957 and 1988, they set off 150 nuclear explosions in an effort to use the atom as an engineering tool--and, in the words of hydrogen bomb co-inventor Eward Teller, 'to reshape the land to your pleasure.' Featuring key Russian and American scientists as well as recently discovered test footage, Nuclear Dynamite is the first film to reveal the untold history of the two superpowers' atomic mega-projects. It also chronicles the rise of an environmental movement which emerged in fierce opposition to the threat of radioactive fallout. Nuclear Dynamite is an extraordinary look at the clash between the scientists who promote new technologies and an environmental movement which warns of disastrous consequences for the planet.

2000, 52 min