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Give Me Your Soul...

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Enter the strange world of commercial porn films, where voyeurism meets the profit motive to the tune of $8 billion a year. Give Me Your Soul... profiles a cast of characters in their pursuit of fame and fortune. From the casting couch to the shooting stage, from guarded secret to the world's first pornography conference, a complex human drama unfolds. Former porn star Bill Margold shepherds new bodies into "the meat grinder." Fresh-faced Katie June steps off a Tennessee bus, mother in tow, determined to be a porn star. Luke Ford, a religious freelance reporter, covers the industry full time. JD Ram and Kimberly Jade are two actors whose X-rated careers end in tragedy. The porn world may consider itself "family," offering protection and a sense of belonging, but as the film reveals, it is a dysfunctional and very dangerous one. In the best documentary tradition, director Paul Cowan avoids sensationalism and easy conclusions. A complex tableau of life inside the porn industry, Give Me Your Soul... reveals some of what is just outside the margin of our increasingly sexualized society. Mature subject matter - adult previewing recommended.

2000, 80 min 40 s

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Honorable Mention - Category: Social Issues
International Film and Video Festival
October 23 to 26 2001, Columbus - USA