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Canada at War - Volume 2 - 1941-1943

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This historic 4-volume series represents one of the NFB's most ambitious documentary projects. Culled from over 16 million feet of film shot by Canadian, British, American, German and Russian cameramen, the series powerfully details Canada's World War II effort, from the battlefronts abroad to the civilian fronts at home. In black and white. Days of Infamy: December 1941 - June 1942 The war is now global. Japan strikes Pearl Harbor. Canadians adjust to food rationing. The British Commonwealth Air Training Plan is inaugurated in Canada. Ebbtide: July - September 1942 Hitler is at the apex of his power. A Canadian division suffers heavy casualties at Dieppe. Canadian factories take over production of the fabled Lancaster bomber; Canadian bush pilots ferry the big planes across the Atlantic. German U-boats penetrate the Gulf of St. Lawrence. Turn of the Tide: October 1942 - July 1943 The Allies' strength begins to be felt. Canadian munitions factories operate at peak capacity. US Marines land on Guadalcanal. Montgomery's 8th Army strikes Rommel at Alamein; the RCAF joins in air strikes against Germany.

2000, 74 min 47 s