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Canada at War - Volume 4 - 1944-1946

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This historic 4-volume series represents one of the NFB's most ambitious documentary projects. Culled from over 16 million feet of film shot by Canadian, British, American, German and Russian cameramen, the series powerfully details Canada's World War II effort, from the battlefronts abroad to the civilian fronts at home. In black and white. Cinderella on the Left: June - December 1944 V-1 and V-2 rockets rain death and destruction on Britain; their launching sites are mopped up by Canadians advancing on Pas de Calais. The Third Division spearheads the attack on the Scheldt estuary. Germans make a last-ditch stand in the Battle of the Bulge. In the English Channel, Canadian sailors power torpedo boats against German U-boats. Crisis on the Hill: September 1944 - March 1945 Canada faces a shortage of men for overseas service, and the conscription issue threatens national unity. In Europe, Canadian divisions fight their way to northern Italy, then regroup for the final onslaught on Germany and finally cross the Siegfried Line. V Was for Victory: April - August 1945 Germany is defeated. VE-Day celebrations take place throughout the Allied world. Occupying armies uncover the atrocities of the Nazi concentration camps. Franklin Roosevelt dies. The atomic bomb is dropped on Japan. The Clouded Dawn: August 1945 - 1946 Japan surrenders. Canadian prisoners are released from Japanese war camps. In Ottawa, the Gouzenko case shocks the nation. The trials at Nuremberg begin. The United Nations is formed. Canada, now a stronger, independent nation, enters the Cold War.

2000, 99 min 19 s