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The Magic of Anansi

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Anansi the spider is tired of being looked down on by all the jungle animals--just because his webs don't catch bugs. The fearsome Mr. Tiger promises to respect the little spider if he brings him Mr. Snake, the world's grumpiest creature. After much wily scheming and plotting, Anansi delivers a humiliated Mr. Snake to Mr. Tiger. Only then does he realize that Mr. Tiger's respect comes at too high a price. Anansi doesn't want to make anyone miserable, not even Mr. Snake. Anansi stands up to Mr. Tiger and, in the end, this is what wins him the respect of the other creatures.

The Magic of Anansi is part of the NFB's Talespinners collection. Created for children aged five to nine, Talespinners uses vibrant animation to bring popular stories from a wide range of cultural communities to the screen.

2001, 06 min 51 s

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Writer's Guild Top Ten Award - Category: Children / Preschool
Writers Guild of Canada
April 15 2002, Toronto - Canada

Honorable Mention - Category: Children and Youth
International Film and Video Festival
October 23 to 26 2001, Columbus - USA

Best Short Film Award
Reel Black Awards
September 8 2001, Toronto - Canada

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