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The End of Evolution

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Twice in our planet's history, catastrophic extinctions have nearly wiped out life on earth. According to this startling documentary, a third mass extinction is now unfolding. But this time, the cause is not a volcano or an asteroid crash, it is human devastation of the environment.

Join Dr. Peter Ward on fascinating expeditions to South Africa, Hawaii and Alberta. As the paleontologist sifts through clues of what went wrong millions of years ago, he discovers trends similar to those occurring today. Ecosystems are being destroyed and species are disappearing at an astounding rate.

The threat to earth's diversity of life can be clearly linked to carbon dioxide emissions, pollution and global warming. Can the impact of humans on the environment be fatal? Featuring dramatic footage and interviews with experts, this documentary raises urgent questions about our future. Unless the rich biodiversity of the planet is protected, much of life as we know it may vanish.

2001, 46 min