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Ludovic - Visiting Grandpa

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It is summer and Ludovic is invited to spend a few days at Grandpa's farm. The little teddy bear is delighted to see his grandfather again but is saddened at the thought that Grandma is no longer with them. Grandpa must be feeling very sad because he has kept all her things in her sitting room. Ludovic is fascinated by this room filled with mementos. After a moment's hesitation, decides to go in. He sees Grandma's portrait and hugs it. He keeps returning to her sitting room and, little by little, grows accustomed to the loss of his grandmother. Her portrait come to life for him. He is able to kiss her, hug her and feel her warm embrace. He puts on her favourite music and dance together for a last waltz. Ludovic - Visiting Grandpa, directed by animator Co Hoedeman, is a touching tale about the closeness and understanding between a grandfather and his little grandson who gradually learn to accept the death of the beloved grandmother. Daniel Lavoie's score heightens the emotional effect of the film.

2001, 11 min 24 s

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Jeune public Award - Category: 4 to 7 years - with a cash prize of 2,500FF
Festival du court métrage pour jeune public
April 2 to 12 2002, Stains - France

Honorable Mention - Category: Children and Youth
International Film and Video Festival
October 23 to 26 2001, Columbus - USA

Award for Best Animated Short Film given by the Children's jury
Festival International du film pour enfants (FIFEM)
March 3 to 11 2001, Montréal - Canada

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