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Sticks and Stones

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Young children ages 5 to 12 describe how they feel when they hear put-downs of themselves or their families in this video for kids, their educators and parents.

Children learn from subtle clues what society thinks about gender roles, same-sex parents and family differences. The children in Sticks & Stones vividly describe how it feels to be teased when their families don't follow traditional gender roles. They talk about why bullies indulge in name-calling, and what they think should be done about it.

By showing that they know what's wrong, the children challenge educators, parents and other kids to act positively to make schools and playgrounds safe and welcoming for everyone. This compelling video uses interviews, animation and documentary footage to spark discussions about families, gender stereotypes and name-calling. It encourages all children to feel empathy and respect for their playmates.

2001, 17 min 03 s

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First Place Award - Category: Diverse Family
Itinerant - National Council on Family Relations
November 19 to 24 2002, Houston - USA

Bronze Plaque Award - Category: Education and Information
International Film and Video Festival
October 23 to 25 2002, Columbus - USA