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Women of Faith... Betrothed to God

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These benchmark historical documentaries for the first time paint a portrait of those thousands of women who answered God's call. From the foundation of New France until the present, the epic history of the nuns constitutes a legacy of inestimable historic value. Lucie Lachapelle directs a caustic and tender look at the turbulent journey of these women, at the same time wives and workers of God.

The first episode of this historical panorama, Betrothed to God, draws a balanced picture of women on their long journey. These nuns disclose the mystical aspect of their commitment to God and also bear witness to the organization and daily life of their communities. Sustained today by a renewed spirituality, they continue their mission as they have always led their lives: with faith, conviction and conscience. In French with English subtitles.

1999, 48 min 11 s

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