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Animania: Season Two - Broadcast 12

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On the beach, a group of happy vacationers is sunbathing... under cloudy skies. Odd, no? But they look cheerful, eating ice cream and hot dogs in an enchanting setting. With a slight smile, we observe the activities of these colourful characters, all drawn with a whimsical accuracy. Then the sun breaks through! Good news right? Well... not really. The sunnier it gets, the fewer people there are on the beach. An animated film with an unexpected ending and a subtle environmental message. A film without words.

In this fascinating, innovative exercise in animation, thousands of beads are arranged and manipulated, assuming shapes of creatures both mythical and real. They continually devour, merge, and absorb one another in explosions of colour. The theme is one of aggression and inevitability, but any conclusion is left to the viewer. Sound film without words.

Set in an unspecified Third World country, this animated film, based on a short story by Enver Carim, suggests that 'top priority' means different things to governments and to the governed. A drought-stricken family maintains a long and desperate vigil for a cloud of dust on the horizon signalling the arrival of irrigation pipes and pump. They are rewarded with a military convoy instead. Its top priority is a border war with a neighbouring state, not pipes for the life-saving water the family must have.

1999, 22 min 13 s

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