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Responding to Homophobia: A Package for Teens

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In Other Words

Name-calling and cruel language hurt, say the teens who speak in this documentary video. Homophobic language is a common verbal put-down among young people, but many adults feel uncomfortable responding.

In Other Words speaks directly to teens and offers a valuable tool to teachers, counsellors and community youth leaders who want to explore the homophobic language heard in schools and other youth hangouts--the words themselves, their origins, how young people feel about them, and how to overcome the hurt and anger they cause.

Moving interviews with gay, lesbian and transgender teens provide first-hand accounts. Weaving together slang, music media images and dictionary definitions, the film examines how language shapes attitude. The video is designed to foster change, to ensure that schools are safe places where youth can learn in a climate of respect.

One of Them

Freedom from bullying, name-calling and violence motivates the high school seniors in this school-based drama. Jamie is shocked when she and her best friend become victims of homophobic name-calling. But she must face up to her own reactions as she realizes that her friend is "one of them" and needs her suppport. And Jamie's boyfriend must decide if he will support Jamie. Set firmly in the context of human rights and freedom from discrimination, One of Them raises the questions that high school students talk about in school halls and washrooms. With a focus on homophobia and discrimination, not sexual behaviour, the dramatization prompts viewers to examine their own responses and promote a safe school environment for all students.

2001, 52 min 25 s

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