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Drug Deals: The Brave New World of Prescription Drugs

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Vanessa Young was 15 years old when she died suddenly from cardiac failure. Four days later, a prescription drug that she was taking was removed from the market. Did the drug have a potentially fatal side effect? If so, why was it being sold?

While the prescription drug industry strives to develop life-saving medicines, it is also a lucrative business with billions of dollars of revenue at stake. This gripping documentary asks whether corporate pressure is causing new drugs to be released before they are adequately tested. Probing each phase of clinical research, approvals, safety monitoring and marketing, Drug Deals investigates the potentially far-reaching influence of drug companies. The film features interviews with researchers, doctors, government regulators and a grieving family.

2001, 50 min

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BLIZZARD Award - for Best Documentary
The BLIZZARDS/Manitoba Motion Picture Ind. Ass. Film & Video Awards
March 3 2003, Winnipeg - Canada

Advertising Film Festival
June 13 to 17 1960, Venice - Italy