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The Ark

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The Ark, a prototype human bio-shelter situated on the Northumberland Strait at Spry Point, Prince Edward Island. The Ark was constructed with government assistance as an experimental solution to the energy crisis facing the people of Maritime Canada who are dependent upon expensive oil for their home heating and electrical generation needs. The Ark was designed to completely sustain an average North American family utilizing on site solar and wind energy systems for home heat and electricity. These renewable energy systems also heat aquaculture tanks for raising trout in a large greenhouse area capable of cheaply producing a surplus crop of winter vegetables like tomatoes and lettuce. Because of its new technology, its striking futuristic appearance and its location in a typical Maritime farming and fishing community, the Ark provides many opportunities for an interesting visual treatment. The film shows a family living and working in the Ark and simply describe how its energy producing systems work.

1977, 03 min 05 s