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Far from Home: Canada and the Great War Home Video Collection

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This is the stirring story of Canada's heroic effort in World War I, told through the words of ordinary soldiers, leaders and civilians.

Sam's Army
A portrait of Sam Hughes, Canada's Minister of Militia, who, despite his reputation as a self-aggrandizing, profiteering bigot, built a formidable military.

The Battle of Vimy Ridge
A celebration of the Canadian effort in one of the greatest battles of the First World War. Archival footage, re-enactments and letters of soldiers reveal how planning, innovative tactics and self-sacrifice transformed a field of slaughter into a field of glory.

The Last 100 Days
Recounts Canada's vital contribution to end WWI--as Canadian troops pushed back the Germans in battle after battle during the autumn of 1918.

1999, 276 min 15 s

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