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Ski Bums

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Set in the wealthy ski resort of Whistler, BC, Ski Bums follows a hard core group of extreme skiers and snowboarders who, in the words of one veteran: "participate in a rich man's sport without the financial means to do it." This feature-length documentary by acclaimed Oscar®-winning filmmaker John Zaritsky goes beyond the sex, drugs and rock and roll clichés to explore the seductive power of a life devoted to the mountains.

Highlighting the talents of Johnny Thrash, Red Eye Lisa, Crucial Mike, Napoleon, Punchy, Luddy and others, the film combines spectacular shots of skiing and snowboarding with a captivating look at the alternative ski bum lifestyle.

With music by Bruce Cockburn, Bruce Guthro, See Spot Run, Smoother, Gandharvas, Tom Cochrane, The Super Friendz and Jim Cuddy, Ski Bums also features original music by Philip Strong and Laurel MacDonald. Warning: Some scenes contain nudity, drug use and coarse language.

2001, 76 min 18 s

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Chris Statuette - Category: Entertainment
International Film and Video Festival
October 23 to 25 2002, Columbus - USA

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