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White Thunder

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Why would a dashing New York filmmaker find himself in the wilds of Newfoundland in the 1920s? Far from the privilege of Manhattan's Upper East Side, Varick Frissell was lured by the treacherous beauty of the North. With backing from Hollywood's Paramount Pictures, he set out to make the early sound feature The Viking, an astonishing record of Newfoundland's perilous seal hunt. White Thunder tells the remarkable tale, bringing us back to the undulating icy seas where Frissell would meet his tragic fate.

2002, 50 min 12 s

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Honorable Mention - Category: The Humanities
International Film and Video Festival
November 1 2003, Columbus - USA

Rex Tasker Award for Best Atlantic Documentary - with a cash prize of 1,500$
FIN: Atlantic International Film Festival
September 13 to 21 2002, Halifax - Canada