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Youth, Magic and Mahler

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"You have to train like an athlete to play Mahler," says a young violinist. "But when it comes together, it is magic."

The highlight of this DVD is a performance of Gustav Mahler's Fifth Symphony played by students of McGill University's Music School orchestra. It serves as a tribute to the Austrian composer (1860-1911) who as a young man wrote this to a friend: "Now I am lost to the world, but in fifty years they will play my symphonies as they now play Beethoven."

Other features of the DVD include:

The English documentary McGill, Mahler & Montreal (56 min)
The French version of the documentary, Mahler McGill Montreal (54 min)
Youth & Mahler - a special feature on difficulties youth have playing Mahler (10 min)
Symphony No. 5 in C Sharp Minor by Gustav Mahler - Recording of a complete live performance (73 min)

2001, 57 min 30 s

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Includes the following titles

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