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Ludovic - Magic in the Air

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It's autumn in all its glory and Ludovic is playing in the park. To his joy, a teddy bear a little older than himself comes toward him. Ludovic happily thinks: "He wants to play with me!" But the big teddy bear knocks him down and runs away. Ludovic's troubles are not over yet. He will fall victim to the bully once again before he is rescued by a smiling little girl teddy bear. Her kind gesture suddenly transforms Ludovic's world. He and his new friend plan how to outsmart the bully. The whole park joins in their conspiracy: the leaves on the trees, the swings, and even the sand castle! When you have a friend, anything is possible! The little teddy bear's heart is filled with joy as he leaves the park only to meet up again with the bully. "He looks sad," thinks Ludovic and generously lends him his brand new kite. The bully is bowled over. The magic is still working. What a fantastical day it has been!

Ludovic - Magic in the Air by Co Hoedeman, is a story full of charm and freshness about the magic of friendship between a child and his new friend. Daniel Lavoie's music enhances the images and imparts a magical quality to the film.

2002, 12 min 14 s

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Bronze Plaque Award - Category: Entertainment
International Film and Video Festival
October 23 to 25 2002, Columbus - USA

People's Choice Award - Category: Short Film
Festival International du film pour enfants (FIFEM)
March 2 to 9 2002, Montréal - Canada

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