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The Hungry Squid

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Dorothy Sue Ann Murguson isn't having the best of times. Her bodybuilder mother and food-additive salesman father are constantly on the road. Her hair is either flat and limp or tangled in knots. Her pet fish keep keeling over. And if that's not enough, a caterpillar, cat, rabbit, dog, turtle - and a ravenous enormous squid - are devouring her homework.

When the squid rampages through town, Dorothy's misguided school counsellor finally realizes that the homework-eating creatures aren't all in her head - and that magnets, crystals and sundry wacko therapies won't make them vanish. Thanks to Dorothy's quick thinking, the squid is captured and the town is saved.

A madcap tall tale from Oscar winner John Weldon, The Hungry Squid will make anyone pause before saying, "The dog ate my homework."

2002, 14 min 31 s

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Chris Statuette - Category: Education & Information
International Film and Video Festival
November 1 2003, Columbus - USA

Platinum Award - Category: Short Subject Film & Video
WorldFest - International Film Festival
April 4 to 13 2003, Houston - USA

Honorable Mention - Process Award for Visual Excellence
International Film Festival
March 20 to 30 2003, Cleveland - USA

Genie Award for Best Animated Short
Genie Awards
February 13 2003, Toronto - Canada

Silver WorldMedal - Category: Short Film Comedy
The New York Festivals / Festival Competition
January 17 2003, New York - USA

Special Mention
SITGES International Fantastic Festival of Catalonia
October 3 to 13 2002, Barcelona - Spain

Second Place - Category: Animation - with a cash prize 500$US
International Short Film Festival
August 6 to 12 2002, Palm Springs - USA

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