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A devoted father with a 9-to-5 job, David May seems ordinary, yet underneath the surface, he has an unusual fascination--beavers. May journeys from Alberta to Scotland and Italy. Along the way, a lively cast of characters helps shed light on all things beaver. May learns about the beaver's sex life, the art of beaver-calling and the irony of "humane" trapping. He discovers the animal's healing properties and its sacredness in Indigenous culture. He even visits Rome and delves into a heated debate over beavers and religion.

When May's many escapades don't bring answers, a medicine man guides him on a vision quest to connect with the elusive beaver. An offbeat look at Canada's most famous rodent, this lively film also captures one man's search for meaning in life. Warning: contains some nudity.

2002, 51 min 02 s

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