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View from the Summit

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It's April 20, 2001 - and Quebec City prepares to host the three-day Summit of the Americas. A four-kilometre fence has been erected, cutting off the Upper Town from the rest of the city.

Thirty-four heads of state from the Americas will meet behind closed doors to discuss agreements for a Free Trade Area of the Americas (FTAA). Those opposed to the FTAA are mobilizing and gathering in Quebec City, too. Several thousand delegates have come to participate in the People's Summit, and tens of thousands will march in protest.

Six thousand police officers fill the streets and it looks as if the historic Quebec capital is under siege. The local population fears the worst. Will the Quebec capital become a battleground?

Shot in cinéma vérité style by seven of Quebec's best documentary filmmakers, View from the Summit vividly portrays what happens when passionate and creative protesters clash with the ideologies of those in power.

2002, 75 min 15 s

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