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NFB Shoots East - Volume 6

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NFB Shoots East is a 12-part series highlighting 50 years of NFB films about the Atlantic provinces. From touching personal stories, to portraits of public figures, to windows on ways of life now past, this series is a treasure of historical films and fresh perspectives.

The Acadians (1947): A look at life and traditions among the Acadians of Nova Scotia, the French-speaking descendants of the first settlers of the province. People fish and farm, make the famous hand-hooked rugs of Cape Breton and join in a singalong at the docks. Scenes of Evangeline's shrine at Grand Pré are also included.

Terra Nova (1964): An overview of the history of Newfoundland from the Vikings on and a glimpse of Newfoundland life during the early 1960s: salting cod, jigging for squid and cutting pulpwood. (Black and white)

The Chairmaker and the Boys (1959): A story about Ernest Hart, of the Margaree Valley on Cape Breton, who for over fifty years served his farming neighbours as carpenter, blacksmith and general handyman. This award-winning film reflects the social and cultural values and beliefs prevalent at the time of production. A beautifully shot slice of life from a bygone era.

2002, 45 min 29 s

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