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NFB Shoots East - Volume 8

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NFB Shoots East is a 12-part series highlighting 50 years of NFB films about the Atlantic provinces. From touching personal stories, to portraits of public figures, to windows on ways of life now past, this series is a treasure of historical films and fresh perspectives.

The Last Days of Okak (1985): In 1918 the missionary ship Harmony sailed into the northern Labrador settlement of Okak, bringing supplies--and the influenza that had ravaged much of the world. Okak was reduced from a thriving settlement to a ghost town. A third of the town's inhabitants perished, and the rest relocated. This heartwrenching story is told through diaries, old photos and interviews with survivors. Some graphic language. Please preview.

Unitas Fratrum: The Moravians in Labrador (1983): A sympathetic look at the work in Labrador of the Protestant Moravian missionaries and the nine Labrador communities they founded 200 years ago. The Moravians helped protect the Inuit from rapacious whalers, learned Inuktitut and brought schools and new skills to the north.

2002, 45 min 19 s

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