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The Last Round: Chuvalo vs. Ali

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The Last Round looks back at the extraordinary events preceding the day that George Chuvalo, a local hero from working-class Toronto, took on the greatest fighter in history, Cassius Clay - now known the world over as Muhammad Ali.

Two exceptional athletes. Each at his prime. Both battle it out against the turbulent cultural and political climate of the Sixties, in fifteen of the most memorable rounds in Canadian boxing.

The 'Battle of Toronto', held at Maple Leaf Gardens on March 29, 1966 was a watershed in the history of boxing. Fast paced archival images and compelling commentary by expert eye witnesses - including Ali's brother Rachman Ali and Chuvalo himself - bring this dramatic story to life.

2003, 99 min 33 s

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Special Jury Award - Best Canadian Documentary Feature Length
Hot Docs
April 25 to May 4 2003, Toronto - Canada

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