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Truckers: A Road Well Traveled

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Day or night, there are about 4 million trucks on North American roads, criss-crossing the continent with an endless flow of goods. It appears to be a simple job, but for those who drive big rigs for a living, life on the road takes its toll. This documentary takes a fascinating look at the lives of several long-haul drivers, mixing behind-the-scenes footage with lively interviews. Sharing their stories are Stu Lorencz and Ed Lockwood, whose route takes them through the Arctic, and Don Lee, who drives a lengthy circuit from Canada through the United States.

Forging their way through treacherous snow, congested freeways and long stretches of desert, three truckers reveal the complexities of their work. Bad weather, unsafe driving conditions and rising fuel prices add to the stress of being away from home for weeks at a time. Yet Truckers is also an invigorating road movie. As the odometer marks each passing kilometre, director Tom Dodd celebrates the joy of the open road, a spirit of independence and the perseverance of those who keep the wheels turning.

2001, 50 min

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