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A License to Remember: Je me souviens

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Quebec license plates don't sport cutesy tourist slogans like "Canada's Ocean Playground" or "Land of Living Skies." Instead, they draw attention to the past with "Je me souviens" ("I remember")--a motto that cuts to the heart of Quebec history and society.

To find out just what "Je me souviens" means to Quebecers, director Thierry Le Brun sets off across the province, license plate in hand. He rides a dog sled, goes ice fishing, visits an emu farm, joins the Carifiesta celebrations and even gets pulled over by the cops. In the process, he meets a cast of characters--both famous and unknown--with wildly differing views on the provincial motto.

Over the course of this illuminating, entertaining and funny documentary, "Je me souviens" becomes a Rorschach ink blot into which Quebecers peer, each bringing their own interpretation. In the process, they can also see each other in a new way, and come to understand the concerns of the many communities that make up their land.

2002, 51 min 02 s

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