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Talespinners Collection Part Two - 4 Animated Tales

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Talespinners is a collection of short animated films for children aged 5 to 9. Many of the stories are original, with cross-cultural themes, while others are retellings of popular tales from around the world. All feature finely crafted animation, appealing characters and dynamic narration.

Roses Sing on New Snow (7:04)
Maylin cooks mouth-watering meals at her father's restaurant in Chinatown, but her father and brothers take all the credit. When a dignitary from China visits and tastes one her dishes, Maylin finally earns recognition.
Director: Yuan Zhang
Producer: Tamara Lynch

Christopher Changes His Name (6:23)
Christopher hates his name--it's just too common! He changes it to Tiger, then finds a better name. When he has trouble cashing a birthday cheque, he realizes how special his real name truly is.
Director: Cilia Sawadogo
Producer: Tamara Lynch

Christopher, Please Clean Up Your Room! (6:58)
Christopher is a terrific kid but he's messy! His shoes smell funky and his fish bowl stinks. The fish and the roaches hatch a plan.
Director: Vincent Gauthier
Producer: Tamara Lynch

The Magic of Anansi (6:30)
Anansi the spider is tired of being looked down on by all the jungle animals--especially Mr. Tiger. His wily schemes win him respect.
Director: Jamie Mason
Producer: Tamara Lynch

2002, 27 min 44 s

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