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Truth and Betrayal

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What do you do with a secret that's not yours? When is revealing the truth considered betrayal? Does the value of truth outweigh the cost?

This is a powerful drama about teens faced with difficult choices and will open the mind for discussion, debate and inquiry.

Through an inventive use of colour, imagery and music, Truth and Betrayal transports the viewer into the consciousness of James Hurd--an 18-year-old faced with important decisions that will ultimately transform his own life and the lives of his girlfriend Nikki and his best friend Rick. The film is an imaginative and hypnotic blend of dream, memory, fantasy and emotion that weaves together the stories of these three young people.

Be aware that this film contains scenes with violence and coarse language that could offend some viewers. It deals with mature and controversial issues such as stereotypes, abuse, crime, and justice--topics that are extremely relevant to the lives of youth and require discussion and debate. With a focal point on decision making, Truth and Betrayal is media for social change: youth are able to make positive choices that affect themselves and the lives of others. This exceptional drama encourages viewers to take a more critical approach to their own decision making.

2003, 18 min 01 s

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