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The Longest Road

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From the Pacific to the Atlantic, the Trans-Canada Highway links Canadians along a 7,821 kilometre ribbon of collective dreams and memories. Affectionately called the TCH by Newfoundlanders, there is no better road for understanding our land and our people. It is truly Canada's "Main Street."

What is the unique connection Canadians have with their national highway? Through intimate stories of adventure, hardship and triumph, we'll meet the hitchhikers, travellers, motel owners and other everyday Canadians whose lives have been shaped by the world's longest continually paved road.

With rich archival images and breathtaking location footage, this documentary is a compelling collection of Canadian history and highway nostalgia. Forging its way across a diverse geography, The Longest Road is a bold and fast-paced portrait of how a highway captured the imagination of millions.

2003, 70 min 27 s

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