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The Journey of Lesra Martin

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Lesra Martin was poor, illiterate and struggling on the violent streets of Brooklyn when a chance encounter with a group of Canadians shattered the confines of his life. Pulled from the chaos of the inner city and given a fresh start in Canada, Lesra became a hero when he helped to bring justice to wrongfully imprisoned American boxer Rubin "Hurricane" Carter. Finding the courage to change his own life, today Lesra is a lawyer and motivational speaker on the world stage.

Delving into the intensely personal story beneath the fame, this film brings together intimate interviews with Lesra, his family and friends. From his home in British Columbia to a poignant return to the streets of his childhood, Lesra reflects with humour and grace on the events that altered his life. He also grieves for family still consumed by the unforgiving ghetto, while inspiring viewers to find their own strength in adversity.

2002, 45 min 50 s

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Chris Statuette - Category: Education & Information
International Film and Video Festival
November 1 2003, Columbus - USA