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Les ramoneurs cérébraux

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A man is taken to the doctor's office, but it's not for an ordinary checkup. A huge syringe is thrust into his head. Out of the syringe oozes a sticky yellowish liquid that magically turns into two sinister-looking men. These are the opening images of this chilling animation film, in which two chimney sweeps clear all the memories out of their victim's brain. Fearsome puppets inhabit a world of strange objects. What goes on in a man's head? A film without words.

2002, 12 min

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Award for Best Sound - Category: Short Format - with a Windows computer program "Writing Partner"
Fearless Tales Genre Festival
March 12 to 18 2004, San Francisco - USA

Honorable Mention - Category: Arts
International Film and Video Festival
November 1 2003, Columbus - USA

Prix des artistes - with a cash prize of 1,500Euros (2,294$ Cdn approx.)
Festival Off-Courts
September 5 to 13 2003, Trouville-sur-mer - France

Prix pour le meilleur montage sonore le monteur sonore - assorti d'une bourse de 1,000 $ de Vision Globale et un bloc de 10 semaines de montage sonore chez Vision Globale.
Fantasia Festival
July 17 to August 10 2003, Montréal - Canada

Jutra Award - Best Animated Short Film
Gala Québec Cinéma
February 23 2003, Montréal - Canada

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