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2D or not 2D

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Bruno and Frieda fall in love when they spy each other from their respective mountaintops. They race towards one other, only to be blocked by what appears to be a long thin wall, which from our vantage point looks like a line. When Bruno is ushered inside this "wall," he discovers that it contains a strange 2-dimensional world populated by paper-thin creatures with their own peculiar rules and logic.

In the meantime, Frieda waits impatiently for Bruno to emerge on her side, watching his chubby figure bulge out of this elastic space. She listens to the disjointed interactions emanating from this mysterious world while Bruno becomes distracted by the puzzling dilemmas of its inhabitants. Will he succeed in helping them? Will he eventually find his way out of this strange 2D space back to the more substantial Frieda? Will she still be waiting for him?

When Paul Driessen unleashes his legendary imagination, things are not what they seem. A Driessen-esque love story is bound to be multi-dimensional! A film without words.

2003, 16 min 54 s

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Special Mention
December 8 to 14 2003, Madrid - Spain

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