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The Ring Within

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Meet some angry young men! Men who have learned to channel and control their inner rage through the sport of extreme fighting.

In The Ring Within, restless artist Dan Bigras, a singer turned filmmaker, brings us the stories of a group of extreme fighters. He counts many as friends, especially master fighter Charles Ali Nestor, who becomes almost an alter ego.

Extreme fighting has a bad reputation. But look closely at the men who take part and you come to see that their violence is an expression of suffering. When anger and suffering run wild in your head, how do you deal with the feelings? By training your body, by following the discipline of martial arts. Then the ring becomes a metaphor for an ongoing, inner battle against fears buried in the darkest corners of the self: childhood fears, emotions held in check until adolescence. And when they explode?

Bigras notes that violence is always born of pain. Watch this film, and you'll never see extreme fighters or their much-maligned sport the same way again. Instead, you'll see men who have transformed their rage into a passion for life. Some subtitles.

Special DVD Features
Commentary from the director
Four new songs from Dan Bigras
English and French soundtracks
Photo gallery

2002, 217 min

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