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Operation Cuckoo

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A moving and amusing animated short that shows tiny tots the many joys of friendship.

Mr. Edgar is a mechanical cuckoo who putters happily around in his cuckoo clock, keeping it in tiptop condition while waiting for his adopted fledglings to return in the spring. But their joyous reunion is followed by a terrible catastrophe: one of the clock's gears has fallen off! Without it, there's no tick-tock, and no cuckoo! Mr. Edgar has to get it back. An impossible task without the help of his new friend Loulou, a brave and resourceful firefly. She risks her life to help Mr. Edgar and he, in turn, saves her from a sticky situation. He then gives her a lovely surprise. Good friends know how to please those they love.

2002, 13 min 06 s

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Honorable Mention - Category: Education & Information
International Film and Video Festival
November 1 2003, Columbus - USA