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Norman McLaren Collector's Edition

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Norman McLaren was a cinematic genius who made films without cameras and music without instruments. He produced 60 films for the NFB in a stunning range of styles and techniques, winning over 200 international awards. This Collector's Edition includes 2 DVDs. Creative Process: Norman McLaren is an award-winning video documentary that explores McLaren's unique approach to animation (117 min). Selected Films: Norman McLaren features 14 films that reflect the stunning diversity of his work (114 min).

Also included in the box set is Norman McLaren on the Creative Process, a 104-page book, edited by filmmaker Donald McWilliams, of McLaren's reflections on filmmaking, along with his technical notes. The French version of the book is also in the box set: Le Génie créateur: Norman McLaren.

Special DVD features include:
Remastered pictures
Director's commentary
Transcript of the films on Acrobat Reader
Photo gallery
5.1 Stereo Sound
Choice of English or French soundtrack

2002, 230 min 38 s

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