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Chris Hinton - Before and After

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Oscar nominee Chris Hinton has been creating animated films for over 25 years. A mercurial talent, his current work is characterized by an explosion of abstraction, zany animation and modern music. This compilation features eight animated shorts that show his wide range and versatility, along with brief interviews with the animator, as he talks about Flux and Watching TV.

Flux, Twang and X-Man, all from the year 2002, showcase Chris Hinton's current direction, successfully marrying abstract art, modern music and new technology. His earlier works of classical animation are also here: Watching TV, a series of shocking images to illustrate the mind-numbing violence of television; Blackfly, a musical romp through the woods of Northern Ontario; Giordano, which connects the suppression of a medieval scientist with modern notions of freedom of expression; Blowhard, a parable about dragons and natural resources; and Lady Frances Simpson, a hilarious look at the 1830 voyage of a "Lady" and a piano.

2003, 38 min 02 s