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Reflections - Water and Mind

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This quartet of animation films are ageless stories, to be seen with the third eye. Birds and fish merge and separate in a playful deconstruction of M.C. Escher's famous print Sky and Water 1. A fisherman finds a gift of love in the sea that changes his perception of the world (Sea and Stars). A lonely fisherman draws to lose himself in a surreal domain of his own creation (Stiltwalkers). A loon takes us on a wild voyage of discovery into sea and sky (Loon Dreaming).

Reflections plays to our passion for escape. Drawing on their wide experience in the arts and on cultures as diverse as Russian, Dutch, Swedish and Canadian, these award-winning filmmakers stretch technique and imagination to capture the ephemeral and transform it into spectacular visuals. They are supported by the considerable talents of multi-award winning composer Normand Roger, acclaimed actor John Neville and British composer Gavin Bryars.

2003, 35 min 12 s

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