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Rumors / Rumeurs

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Quebec city. As hordes of tourists invade the town, a man is found lying unconscious on the ground. A crowd of passers-by forms around him. What happened here? Everyone has their own opinion. While the crowd's babbling feeds the rumour mill, it never occurs to any of the onlookers--not the scientist, or the cop, or the businessman, or the punk chick, or the old lady--to just go and help the poor guy.

Rumors is a wickedly funny, biting social satire from the Groupe Kiwistiti, a Quebec-based auteur animation group. The members of the group have their hands in all stages of production--from writing the screenplay to scoring the music. Rumors takes us into the minds of the film's juicy characters--into their inner, mental ferment. Filled with colour and neat visual twists, the film reflects the contrasts of contemporary urban centres--as stunning as a postcard and as in-your-face as a wall spray-painted with graffiti. A film without words.

2003, 06 min 23 s

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