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The Man Who Studies Murder - Part Two: The Anthropology of Murder

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Nobody understands murder like Elliott Leyton.

Known in his home province of Newfoundland as "The Murder Guy," Leyton is a pioneer in the academic study of murder--a man who has devoted his career to studying the many reasons people kill each other, and our reaction to the breaching of this worst of all taboos.

Jack the Ripper may have been London's most notorious killer, but for the last 500 years, the British have only rarely murdered each other. Meanwhile, in America--where penal codes consider homicide justifiable for all kinds of reasons--the murder rate is "completely out of whack with the rest of the world."

In Part 2 of The Man Who Studies Murder, Leyton looks at the cultural reasons that cause murder rates vary so wildly. And, as he travels to countries like Rwanda and Israel, he points out that even the most vile serial killers have nothing on the deadliest organizations on Earth--governments that encourage war and genocide.

2003, 49 min 09 s