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The Hasty Man Drinks His Tea with a Fork

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We are slaves to speed, searching feverishly for happiness as we zap our way through our lives like TV viewers, constantly flipping channels. Have the times gone mad?

The utopian leisure culture we were once promised has given way to an era of endless pressure to perform and achieve. In a technologically driven age of instant communications, time is speeded up and, ironically, we have never felt more isolated and cut off from ourselves. Although the trends are alarming, we can still find ways to be at peace with ourselves and to enjoy time that is all our own. A blend of drama and documentary, this film follows several people caught up in the turmoil of the modern world. The drama centres on a woman who has burned out and who holds up her own despair - and her attempts to rebuild her life - as a mirror to the rest of us. With both serious and humorous moments, Sylvie Groulx's latest film describes the absurdity of a society dedicated to the cult of speed at all costs. She questions our sense of time and calls for rehumanizing it, inviting us to be more present for ourselves and others. In French with English subtitles.

2003, 83 min 45 s