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For Jackson: A Time Capsule from His Two Grandmothers

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Time capsules hold the irresistible allure of history made tangible. For Jackson: A Time Capsule from His Two Grandmothers documents the journeys of two women moving through ordinary and extraordinary moments. They share the stories of their remarkable lives as a record for their grandson Jackson.

As a young woman, Rosemary Brown left Jamaica for Canada, where she would develop a notable record of public service and political engagement. Among other accomplishments, in 1972, she became the first Black woman elected to public office in Canada.

Ruth Horricks-Sujir travelled to India in the 1950s, where she married Raghu Sujir and started a family. Back in Canada, she faced conservative attitudes toward her mixed marriage, widowhood and life as a single, working mother.

From the warm blue waters of the Pacific and the Caribbean, to the prairie winds rippling through golden canola fields, Sujir's poetic treatment of memory, time and place transports the viewer. History comes alive in a way that is both personal and universal.

2003, 49 min 41 s

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