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For two days in August of 1885, Plains Cree leader Poundmaker sat shackled in a Regina, Saskatchewan, courtroom. He was accused of participating in a rebellion against the Queen's Canadian government. Administrators in the Indian Department, including Sir John A. Macdonald (Canada's first prime minister), saw the Cree leader as an agitator and assumed that the Cree were in complete collusion with the Louis Riel rebellion.

In this episode of Chiefs, the role of Poundmaker is played by one of his direct descendants, Tyrone Tootoosis.

This series is the saga of five great First Nations chiefs--Sitting Bull, Pontiac, Joseph Brant, Black Hawk and Poundmaker. Their stories form a central drama of the history of the North American continent. Their living descendants are the storytellers. By blending documentary and re-enactment, the episodes reveal an alternative and essential history of Canada and the United States.


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