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The Boys of Buchenwald

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Robbie Waisman, Elie Wiesel and Joe Szwarcberg were three Jewish boys who knew the horrors of Buchenwald concentration camp. Their friendship began in 1945, soon after the American troops liberated the camp. As the trains left Germany, full of orphaned children, the boys began to create a fraternity based on need, banded together against a world they did not trust.

Their new life began at a children's home in France. Two of the former staff members recall the boys' struggle to adjust. They hoarded food, burned mattresses and fought, leaving many adults to regard them as damaged beyond repair. But slowly, the boys began to find good in people. Elie Wiesel, who went on to win a Nobel Peace Prize, explains: "We had to learn how to rediscover joy and affection."

Almost 60 years after their liberation from Buchenwald, the "boys" meet again, touring the homes in France and attending a reunion in Jerusalem. The bonds of friendship that helped them to rebuild lives after the Holocaust are still strong. A treasure of archival footage and photos, seamlessly blended with the present, tells a remarkable, personal story.

2002, 47 min 15 s

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Gold Remi Award - Category: Independent Short Subject Films & Video
WorldFest - International Film Festival
April 16 to 25 2004, Houston - USA

Bronze World Medal - Category: History
The New York Festivals / Festival Competition
January 29 to 30 2004, New York - USA

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